Merging my blogs

Although I didn't often wire my blog, I still have a lot blogs in Blogger, Wordpress.com, or some blog hosting providers in Taiwan. I just want to try those blog systems to find what advantages or disadvantages they have. Finally, I just satisfied the Blogger and Wordpress.com blog services. The reason are Blogger is belong to Google inc. and it will not stop the blog service except Google has gone. Wordpress is the most beautiful blog system so far I think.

I decided to merge all my blogs into two in my 30 years-old birthday. I only keep two blogs. One is here, as you reading here. It keeps my thoughts, or something in my daily life. And I will try to write down something in English, in order to practice my poor English writing skill.

The other is kept in Wordpress.com, 比爾工具箱. It keeps my tech articles or notes there.

Why did I merge those blogs? I think that my thoughts distribute over those blogs. If you only read one of those blogs, you can't understand me all. Because you just see one part about me.

Finally, I extract my professional part into one blog. It can make me focus on tech topic, and keep your eye on the tech issue. But the most important thing is that I should write more blogs for them, or they would be nothing at all.

2008/08/27補充:比爾工具箱又搬家到 blogger 了。

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我是個資訊從業人員,前一陣子看到RFID相關應用覺得很有趣,透過skyetek m1關鍵字,看到你碩士論文,讓人有股衝動想試著把他做出來.然後找到您的BLOG,看不到EMAIL,只好來這邊留言.希望得到您的幫助.

我絕對不是什麼變態毆,是個已經36歲的老男人( 失望吧^_^ ),畢業於台大資管所,目前工作是網路程式工程師,過年後可能會轉換做導航相關軟體,程式上JAVA和C#和C都蠻OK的,


謝謝 謝謝